It’s Christmas day and it doesn’t get any more present than that!  I watched a wonderful little video this week called “the Christmas Scale”.  It was about the first couple of bars of the hymn ‘Joy to the World’.  And of course the next few words tell us why there is joy, ‘the Lord has come’.  As we live in the present there is a lot of background noise, there are a lot of demands on our lives, more so if you are a parent and especially around Christmas.  Christmas is an annual reminder of the ‘Joy to the World, the Lord has come’.  My hope and desire for each of you is that today you will take time to remember that Christ was born for humanity and even more so knowing that he was born to die.  He came to die so that we could have joy and peace.  Wishing you all a very happy Christmas.  God bless


I recently had the wonderful opportunity of spending a week with the chaplains at Florida Hospital in Orlando.  We had a great time learning from them and seeing what they do.  The Florida Hospital is a Christian hospital sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist.  It is one of the largest hospitals in America.

We saw the chaplains in action and observed them at work.  We learned about the Creation Health programme, more about that later.  We heard about the service done through “No One Dies Alone.”  The chaplains have a group of volunteers who come and spend time with terminal patients who are on there own for various reasons and they are never on their own.

We got to tour several of the hospitals of the Florida Hospital in Orlando and particularly enjoyed going around Celebration Health, right next to Disney World.

I had a great time there.  The weather was great and the company was wonderful.  Here are some photos from my week in Orlando.