Christmas Past!

It’s hard to believe that another year is nearly over and we are back to Christmas already.  It’s tempting to get caught up in all the busy-ness of the season and forget what it’s all about.  I’m usually pretty good at procrastinating, I was the king of it when I was a student.  But for […]

Florida Hospital

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of spending a week with the chaplains at Florida Hospital in Orlando.  We had a great time learning from them and seeing what they do.  The Florida Hospital is a Christian hospital sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist.  It is one of the largest hospitals in America. We saw the […]


I’m curious what family means to you? For me family has always been important. As a child I was the eldest of five. I have three sisters and my little brother is also the youngest. However, he’s not so little any more being a good four inches higher than my 5’10” frame. As kids we […]


Why do we celebrate Communion? I have recently been asked to give a short presentation to my daughters class on the meaning of communion, with particular attention to the idea of symbols. And it got me thinking. Communion is underrated. It is probably the most significant service that we have in Church. It’s a regular […]

East Coast Line

On Sunday I am taking one of the great train rides in the UK. I will be travelling from my home in Southampton and going all the way up to Aberdeen. The journey will begin at 7:11 when my first train will leave it’s station in Eastleigh, bound for Waterloo. It will then be a […]

The Return to Religion

Here is a fascinating article by Peter Oborne from The Telegraph, England. In it he asks if the ‘age of austerity’ isn’t the reason behind the slowing of the decline of church attendance in the UK.The Return to Religion. Church attendance in the UK has been in steady decline since the middle of the 19th […]

The Post Christmas Thud

Here’s a great article which explains why you feel the way you do after Christmas and maybe you will be able to smile to yourself and feel a whole lot better.  Here’s to a great new year and God bless you all! Click Here.