Here are some resources and ideas for communion.

Songs for Communion

Title Mission Praise  
Above all powers 1022  
Behold the Lamb (The communion Hymn) 1157  
Broken for me, Broken for you 66  
From the squalor of a borrowed stable 1042  
Here is bread, here is wine 842  
Here is love vast as the ocean 987  
I am the bread 260  
In Christ Alone 1072  
I serve a risen Saviour 295  
Let us break bread together 414  
Light of the World 1086  
O sacred head now wounded 520  
Take eat, this is my body 622  
The old rugged Cross    
There is a green hill far away 674  
We break this bread 721  
When I survey the wondrous cross 755, 1126(celtic)  

Here’s a picture I took in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. Feel free to download it and use it as a worship backdrop.

Communion Still

Check out the Skit Guys, they have some great videos and dramas for use in Communion.